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In a nutshell

I'm a Senior Product Designer. I help ambitious companies solve real-world problems, with good design.

Combining Design, Frontend-Dev & Business Analysis, my aim is to create useful experiences for people.

Focus areas: Product Design, UX/UI & Webflow+JS

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Some stats

13 years in the game
50+ projects brought to life
Multiple product acquisitions
6 rounds of funding raised from my work
9 years in the game
50+ projects brought to life
2 product acquisitions
6 rounds of funding raised from my work
“John is one of the best designers I’ve worked with. No messing around, clear communication, thoughtful designs and delivers on what he promises.”

— Lucas Aoun, CEO @ Ergogenic Health

“John is outstanding to work with and consistently over delivers. He's creative, comes up with great ideas and offers suggestions that can improve your business. Definitely can recommend his work to anyone looking for creative and online support.”

— Karin Volo, Chief Joy Bringer, CEO @ Evoloshen

Skills & background

My approach to


It's what you do, not say

Here are some of my latest projects.

Reground: Turning waste into resource.

📊 Outcome: After introducing a new system that automates their data-collection and reporting process, Reground were able to save ~50 hours a month in labour time and cost, allowing them to focus on more important activities.

Web Application

Open Table: Free meals for those in need.

📊 Outcome: A custom volunteer management system, automated data collection and an overhauled user-experience.

Web Application
Social & Environmental

Trout Creative

Webflow / frontend

Boost Your Biology

Design / Webflow / frontend

Scholarcy - Help Centre

Design / Webflow / frontend

Webflow / frontend

CreditSavvy (WIP)

Webflow / frontend

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Some companies I've worked with

How i work

My approach, from A - Z


Want to work together?

I’ll be straight up — these days I’m not looking to work with people just out to make a dollar and create vapid tech products. I’m looking for novel and impact-driven projects, which focus on solving real world problems.

Below are two lists. If you think you fit into the first and not the latter, we should talk.

Who you ARE

A company or individual with a genuine interest in solving real-world problems.

A Not For Profit, Social Enterprise (Certified B-Corp) or Private Enterprise doing something useful for people and the planet.

Someone with a compelling vision. I’m not interested in uninspiring projects.

An established business or funded. I’m  not looking for equity in exchange for a discounted rate etc. Been there, done that. Doesn’t work for me.

Passionate, friendly, switched on and altruistic!

A risk taker who is not afraid to question convention and do things differently.

A company who understands remote work and flexible working hours.

Who you are NOT

A private corporation focused solely on profit and perpetuating mindless consumerism.

Someone trying to solve trivial first world problems. I'm not interested in wasting effort on bullshit.

A pre-revenue startup founder poser who talks like they’re an expert at local Startup meetups.

Someone who hires experts, only to lecture them about how to do their job. No thanks.

Someone who holds contractors ransom by pushing for out-of-scope features before a payment is released.

A slimy sellout just looking to IPO and bail. I want to work with people who are in it for the long run and believe in their vision.

A company who is willing to die on the hill of traditional workplace values, like in-person, 9-5-5 only. These rules prevent me from doing my best work. As I take pride in quality work, these two things are incompatible.

Areas I’m interested in

Recommendation Systems
Gamification & Game Design
Science: Neuroscience & Psychology
Mental Health
Effective Alturism
Data Augmentation
Agtech: Farming & Automation
Harm reduction
Medicine & Nutraceuticals
Sustainability: Waste Reduction & Education

Well, that just about eliminates 99% of potential partners. If you’re still reading then perhaps you’re the 1% I’m looking to work with — the OTHER 1%, that is ;)

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